• Mint Price   :  XX APT
  • Mint Date   :  TBD
  • total supply   :  6666
  • mint supply   :  6666



All Mint will be completed on december
20th, and pledge will start on 25th

There will be an Individual Weekly

Staking Rewards for each NFT:

1: Common = 1$ fox

2: Rare = 2$ fox(Top 20% )

3: ultra rare = 3$ fox(Top 10%)

4: legendary = 5$ fox(Top 5%)


starting in january 2023, from 15th to the 20th of each month. A five-day store session will be opened, during which you can buy trendy clothes, necklaces and rare albums with fox, including a white bill for future cooporation projects


in march 2023, open an airdraw for festival tickets in holder group. every month on the 20th day of the draw, each person three oppurtunities, each cost $30 fox

you can support your community's own music and contribute to instagram and tiktok

Neo-X: Founder of Fox&NXLabs, former employee of Alibaba, engaged in programming for 5 years, currently working in move language development.

Yassino: Graduated from the Academy of Fine arts of Florence, engaged in art exhibition work, art creator of the team.

Zygfrid: Excellent Web3.0 leader, building in the SOL ecosystem, collab manager of the team.

SeiFONG: With a newfound passion for data analytics, community manager of the team.

Lorien: Founder of NXLabs, aircraft engineer by day, web3 developer by night. Building on fox.

Fishgang: Fishgang's background in gaming, project management and customer service will fall perfectly in place as the Head Mod.

wtf is what does he fox say???

Where is it on the shelves?

Souffl3 & Topaz

How high the royalties are?